SULLIVAN, A.: HMS Pinafore / The Yeomen of the Guard [Operettas] (Highlights) (Rare Early Recordings Gilbert and Sullivan) (1907)

 HMS Pinafore (The Lass that Loved a Sailor)  
1 Overture 2:40
2 Act I: Opening Chorus 2:37
3 Act I: I'm called Little Buttercup 2:32
4 Act I: A maiden fair to see 2:29
5 Act I: I am the Captain of the Pinafore 2:28
6 Act I: When I was a lad 2:31
7 Act I: Selection 2:29
8 Act II: Never mind the why and wherefore 2:32
9 Act II: For he himself has said it 2:33
10 Act II: Farewell, my own 2:33
 Ernest Pike Soloist
 The Yeomen of the Guard  
11 Act I: When maiden loves, she sits and sighs 3:09
12 Act I: Song: When our gallant Norman foes 2:44
13 Act I: Is life a boon? 2:32
14 Act I: I have a song to sing, O 3:00
15 Act I: How say you, maiden, will you wed 2:00
16 Act I: I've jibe and joke 2:53
17 Act I: Were I thy bride 2:04
18 Act I: Finale: Oh, Sergent Meryll, is it true 11:53
19 Act II: Night has spread her pall once more 2:58
20 Act II: Song: Oh, a private buffoon 3:00
21 Act II: Hereupon we're both agreed 2:35
22 Act II: Free from his fetters grim 2:34
23 Act II: Strange adventure! 2:48
24 Act II: A man who would woo a fair maid 3:06
25 Act II: When a wooer goes a-wooing 2:49
 Ben Ivor Soloist
  Studio conductor Conductor