SULLIVAN, A.: HMS Pinafore [Operetta] (Rouse, Dearth, Hyde, Thornton, Cunningham, anderson, Sinclair, Burnett, Florence)

 HMS Pinafore (The Lass that Loved a Sailor)  
1 Act I: Opening Chorus 2:41
2 Act I: I'm called Little Buttercup (Little Buttercup) 2:47
3 Act I: The Nightingale sighed - A maiden fair to see (Ralph, Chorus) 3:19
4 Act I: I am the Captain of the Pinafore (Captain, Chorus) 2:31
5 Act I: Sorry her lot (Josephine) 3:11
6 Act I: Over the bright blue sea - We sail the ocean blue (Chorus) 2:42
7 Act I: Monarch of the Sea - Ruler of the Queen's Navee (Sir Joseph, Josephine, Chorus) 3:55
8 Act I: Duet: Refrain, audacious tar (Josephine, Ralph, Chorus) 3:31
9 Act I: Finale, Part I (Josephine, Ralph, Dick, Chorus) 3:10
10 Act I: Finale, Part II (Josephine, Hebe, Ralph, Dick, Chorus) 3:55
11 Act II: Fair moon, to thee I sing (Captain) 3:18
12 Act II: Duet: Things are seldom what they seem (Little Buttercup, Captain) 3:21
13 Act II: The hours creep on apace (Josephine) 3:52
14 Act II: Never mind the why and wherefore (Captain, Sir Joseph, Josephine) 2:40
15 Act II: Kind Captain, I've important information (Dick, Captain) 1:58
16 Act II: Carefully on tiptoe stealing - "Englishman Song" (Josephine, Ralph, Captain, Chorus) 3:16
17 Act II: In uttering a reprobation (Josephine, Captain, Joseph) 3:02
18 Act II: Farewell, my own (Josephine, Little Buttercup, Ralph, Joseph, Dick, Boatswain's Mate, Chorus) 2:23
19 Act II: A many years ago (Little Buttercup, Chorus) 2:32
20 Act II: Finale (Josephine, Little Buttercup, Ralph, Captain, Chorus) 3:04
 W. Anderson Soloist
  Studio conductor Conductor