Durham Concerto 56:29  
  Part 1: Morning  
1 The Cathedral at Dawn 11:31
  (solo violin, solo cell, Hammond organ)  
2 Durham Awakes 8:25
  (solo violin, solo cello, Hammond organ, Northumbrian pipes)  
  Part 2: Afternoon  
3 The Road from Lindisfarne 7:18
  (solo violin, solo cello, Northumbrian pipes)  
4 From Prebends Bridgge 8:27
  (solo cello)  
  Part 3: Evening  
5 Rags & Galas 8:25
  (solo violin, solo cello, Hammond organ)  
6 Durham Nocturne 12:11
  (solo violin, solo cello, Hammon organ, Northumbrian pipes)  
 Matthew Barley cello
 John Lord Hammond organ
 Ruth Palmer violin
 Kathryn Tickell Northumbrian pipes
 Mischa Damev
  18 and 19 July 2007