KALLSTROM, M.: Flute Chamber Works, Vol. 2 - In the Clear Blue / Silken Kisses Slip Away / The Music Falls In / On the Brink of Stillness (Pintner)

1  In the Clear Blue 10:42
 Kathy Karr Soloist
 Silken Kisses Slip Away  
2 I. Silken kisses slip away 3:56
 Heidi Pintner Soloist
3 II. Open mind and open aches 4:06
 Heidi Pintner Soloist
4 III. Changing tides and slipping light 4:06
 Heidi Pintner Soloist
5  The Music Falls In 11:02
 Mark Berry Soloist
6  The Falling Cinders of Time 6:04
 Heidi Pintner Soloist
7  Ozymandias 8:49
 Michael Kallstrom Soloist
 On the Brink of Stillness  
8 I. Moderato 5:18
 Ching-Yi Lin Soloist
9 II. Allegro 6:30
 Ching-Yi Lin Soloist