Opera - Flight

 JONATHAN DOVE (b. 1958)
 Flight 129:12  
  An opera in three acts  
  Libretto by April De Angelis  
  live recording  
  Act I  
1 'Look! Up there' 4:25
  Refugee, Controller  
2 'Darling!' 2:49
  Bill, Tina, Refugee  
3 'Excuse me. Have you any English money?' 1:10
  Refugee, Bill, Tina  
4 'Welcome travellers. Thank you for travelling Tri-Star' 0:55
5 'Do I look conspicuous?' 2:27
  Older Woman, Refugee, Controller  
6 'Welcome. We're always smiling as you can see' 3:02
  Steward, Stewardess, Refugee, Older Woman  
7 'Down you go. Scurry down' 3:04
8 'That's us.' 'Is that us?' 3:49
  Minskman, Minskwoman, Controller, Older Woman  
9 'No! I don't seem able to go' 3:28
  Minkswoman, Minskman, Controller, Refugee  
10 'What have I done?' 2:16
  Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Tina, Older Woman  
11 'What have I just done? Why couldn't I go?' 1:14
12 'Excuse me. Have you a hat or a scarf?' 3:07
  Refugee, Older Woman, Stewardess, Steward, Tina, Bill, Controller  
13 'Look who's coming!' 3:05
  Controller, Refugee, Minskwoman, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Steward, Stewardess  
14 'Gone.' 'Time to be gone' 4:02
  Refugee, Tina, Controller, Bill, Minskwoman, Older Woman, Steward, Stewardess  
15 'Disgusting.' 'Record lusting' 3:20
  Controller, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Minskwoman  
16 'Due to circumstances beyond our control' 1:47
  Controller, Refugee  
  Act II  
17 'The storm is getting worse' 2:30
18 'It's quiet' 7:00
  Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Minskwoman  
19 'I know. We could do the business with our trolleys' 1:44
  Stewardess, Older Woman, Minskwoman, Steward, Tina, Bill  
20 Orchestral interlude 1:10
21 'Fierce night. Jagged light' 1:34
22 'I bought this suitcase in New York' 5:36
  Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Refugee, Older Woman, Tina  
23 'The thing about people is' 1:08
24 'About this stone. Is it true?' 5:59
  Older Woman, Refugee, Tina, Bill, Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Controller  
25 'A wish for me. I'm wishing for my brother' 1:33
  Refugee, Bill, Steward  
26 'Excuse me, can I trouble you for some advice?' 1:49
  Older Woman, Tina, Minskwoman, Stewardess, Bill  
27 'What's this for?' 'Let's see . . .' 1:09
  Bill, Steward, Older Woman, Tina, Stewardess, Minskwoman  
28 'He's lucky' 1:39
  Women, Refugee, Older Woman, Controller, Tina, Stewardess, Minskwoman  
29 'You have a stone?' 1:13
  Women, Refugee  
30 'I believed in miracles' 3:36
  Older Woman, Minskwoman, Stewardess, Tina, Refugee, Controller, Bill, Steward  
  Act II  
31 'What a dreadful night' 1:16
  Women, Controller  
32 'A plane is coming!' 2:08
  Controller, Older Woman  
33 'I flew back immediately. I'm not angry' 2:53
  Minskman, Minskwoman, Tina, Bill, Steward  
34 'Oh my goodness!' 4:36
  Bill, Tina, Steward, Stewardess  
35 'Oh look, he isn't moving' 0:42
  Stewardess, Older Woman, Minskwoman, Steward  
36 'Ow!' 'What is it?' 3:06
  Minskwoman, All  
37 'It's so small' 1:05
  All, Minskwoman  
38 'New, wondrous, nothing so new as you' 7:14
  Refugee, Tina, Stewardess, Older Woman, Controller, Minskwoman, Bill, Minskman  
39 'He's coming back! Get in the trunk!' 2:52
  Controller, Refugee, Immigration Officer, Women, Men  
40 'Surely you can be magnanimous on such a day as this' 2:11
  Minskman, Minskwoman, Immigration Officer, Tina, Steward, Stewardess  
41 'You can't fool rules' 1:40
  Immigration Officer, Older Woman, Bill, Steward, Tina, Refugee, Controller  
42 'Dawn, still darkness . . .' 6:13
43 'But look at me now' 2:35
  Refugee, Immigration Officer, Stewardess, Older Woman, Minskwoman, Minskman  
44 ' . . .I can't do much for you . . .' 1:11
  'Immigration Officer, Older Woman, Steward, Bill, Tina, Stewardess  
45 ' . . .Flights to Minsk and places smarter . . .' 3:04
  Controller, Older Woman, Minskman, Minskwoman, Bill, Tina, Steward, Stewardess, Refugee  
46 'A frozen man falling like a frozen star' 4:21
  Refugee, Controller  
 Christopher Robson countertenor - Refugee
 Claron McFadden soprano - Controller
 Richard Coxon tenor - Bill
 Mary Plazas soprano - Tina
 Nuala Willis mezzo-soprano - Older Woman
 Ann Taylor mezzo-soprano - Stewardess
 Garry Magee baritone - Steward
 Steven Page bass-baritone - Minskman
 Anne Mason mezzo-soprano - Minskwoman
 Richard van Allan bass-baritone - Immigration Officer
 David Parry