The Sofa 39:01  
  Comic Opera in One Act  
  Libretto by Ursula Vaughan Williams  
  Freely adapted from Le Sofa by Crébillon fils  
1 'Ah, my sweet consolation!' 2:14
  Dominic, Monique  
2 'How light the grace, the delicate twist' 3:07
  Dominic, Monique  
3 'Dominic, Casimir, Marie-Joseph, St Just, Balthasar' 2:29
4 'This time my patience cannot still endure' 4:36
  Grandmother, Dominic  
5 'My mother says all girls grow sad and languish for love' 4:14
  Lucille, Yolande, Laura, Two Young Men  
6 'Lucille. Ah, Lucille?' 3:24
  Suitor, Lucille, Sofa (Dominic)  
7 'Ha, ha, ha! Where's Dominic?…' 4:38
  Ensemble, Guests, Sofa (Dominic)  
8 'Come and dance!' 6:01
  Ensemble, Edward, Monique, Dominic  
9 'What's happened? What's happened! Has anything happened?' 1:55
  Emsemble, Dominic, Edward  
10 'Oh. what an intriguing, fascinating situation!' 3:05
  Ensemble, Edward, Lucille, Laura, Yolande, Dominic, Monique  
11 'Have they all gone' 3:15
  Dominic, Monique  
 Nicholas Sharratt tenor - Prince Dominic
 Sarah Tynan soprano - Monique
 Josephine Thorpe mezzo-soprano - Dominic's Grandmother
 Alinka Kozari soprano - Lucille
 Anna Leese soprano - Laura
 Patricia Orr mezzo-soprano - Yolande
 Patrick Ashcroft tenor - A Suitor
 George von Boden baritone - Edward
premiere recording
 The Departure 31:00  
  Libretto by Anne Ridler  
12 'I shall never be ready in time' 3:20
  Julia, Ensemble  
13 'Weightless beyond the burning margin of our air' 5:03
  Julia, Ensemble  
14 'But what has happened?' 3:41
15 'Julia, are you trying to speak to me?' 2:53
  Mark, Julia, Ensemble  
16 'Where is that Death they paint…' 0:47
  Julia, Ensemble  
17 'Oh, why did we leave the house that day?' 1:33
  Mark, Julia  
18 'Don't leave me!' 1:39
  Mark, Julia  
19 'But our child lives still' 2:09
  Mark, Julia  
20 'Then do not leave me' 6:14
  Mark, Julia, Ensemble  
21 'But I hear nothing! Not a voice, not a word' 3:36
  Mark, Julia, Ensemble  
 Louise Poole mezzo-soprano - Julia
 Hakan Vramsmo baritone - Mark
 Dominic Wheeler
  23 November (The Departure) and 24 & 25 November (The Sofa) 2007