Ivanhoe (1890-91) 165:33  
  Adapted from Sir Walter Scott's novel  
  A Romantic Opera in Three Acts  
  Words by Julian Sturgis  
  Act I  
  Scene 1. Cedric's Hall at Rotherwood 24:27      
1 Introduction - 0:57
2 Cedric: 'Each day this realm of England faints and fails' - 2:35
  with Men  
3 Isaac: 'Good Thane, most noble Thane, I pray…' - 2:21
  with Men, Cedric, Squire  
4 Cedric: 'Welcome, Sir Knights!' - 5:17
  with de Bracy, Brian, Isaac, Women, Men, Rowena  
5 Cedric: 'Drink, drink ye all…' - 3:46
  with Men, de Bracy, Brian, Rowena, Ivanhoe  
6 Men: 'The Palmer! The holy Palmer!'- 7:27
  with Ivanhoe, Cedric, Brian, Rowena, de Bracy  
7 De Bracy: 'Is she not fair? And she is rich withal' 2:01
  with Brian, Men  
  Scene 2. An Ante-room in Rotherwood 14:09      
8 Rowena: 'O moon, art thou clad in silver mail…' - 4:30
9 Rowena: 'Good Palmer, thou dist speak of one I knew…' - 6:05
  with Ivanhoe  
10 Ivanhoe: 'Like mountain lark my spirit upward springs' 3:34
  with Isaac  
  Scene 3. The Lists at Ashby 20:09      
11 Sopranos: 'Will there be no more fighting?' - 3:52
  with Chorus, Friar, King  
12 Chorus: 'Plantagenesta!' - 3:06
13 Prince John: 'Isaac, my Jew, my purse of Gold' - 3:07
  with Cedric, de Bracy, Rebecca  
14 Prince John: ''Tis from our Royal brother, Louis of France' - 3:30
  with Heralds, Crowd  
15 Sopranos: 'What means his motto?' 6:32
  with Crowd, Friar, Locksley, Prince John, Rowena, Cedric  
  Act II  
  Scene 1. The Forest, Copmanhurst 19:26      
16 King: 'Strange lodging this for England's King' - 5:52
  with Friar  
17 King: 'There is a custom in the East' - 2:30
  with Friar  
18 King: 'I ask not wealth nor courtier's praise' - 3:03
19 Friar: 'Not bad, say I, not badly sung!' - 1:12
  with King  
20 Friar: 'The wind blows cold across the moor' - 3:01
  with Outlaws  
21 Friar: 'And now for combat! Where's this friend of mine?' 3:45
  with King, Lockley, Chorus  
  Scene 2: A Passage-way in Torquilstone 9:55      
22 Cedric: 'Will not our captor dare to show his face?' - 5:48
  with de Bracy, Rowena  
23 De Bracy, 'Welcome, Sir Templar! But I may not stay' - 1:07
  with Brian  
24 Brian: 'Her southern splendour, like the Syrian Moon' 2:59
  Scene 3. A Turret-chamber in Torquilstone 22:33      
25 Ulrica: 'Whet the keen axes' - 7:26
  with Rebecca  
26 Rebecca: 'O awful depth below the castle wall!' - 1:06
27 Rebecca: 'Lord of our chosen race' - 3:16
28 Rebecca: 'Take thou these jewels; here is wealth enow…' - 7:55
  with Brian  
29 Rebeccca: 'What sound is that?' 2:48
  with Brian  
  Act III  
  Scene 1. A Room in Torquilstone 21:04      
30 Ivanhoe: 'Happy with winged feet' - 5:33
31 Ulrica: 'Tend thou the Knight thou lovest' - 1:16
  with Rebecca  
32 Rebecca: 'Ah, would that thou and I might lead our 3:51
  sheep…' -  
  with Ivanhoe  
33 Ivanhoe: 'But hark! what sound is in mine ear?' - 1:48
  with Rebecca  
34 Rebecca: 'I see them now; the dark wood moves with bows' - 2:57
  with Tenors, Basses, Ivanhoe  
35 Ivanhoe: 'How canst thou know what pain it is to 5:38
  with Rebecca, Soldiers, Brian, Outlaws, Ulrica, All  
  Scene 2. In the Forest 16:50      
36 Outlaws: 'Light foot upon the dancing green' - 4:16
  with King, Ivanhoe  
37 King: 'Maurice de Bracy, faithless knight' - 2:27
  with de Bracy  
38 King: 'Look, where thy moody father walks apart' - 5:29
  with Ivanhoe, Cedric, Rowena  
39 Ivanhoe: 'How oft beneath the far-off Syrian Skies…' - 2:29
  with Rowena  
40 Isaac: 'Knight, Knight of Ivanhoe, I come for thee!' 2:09
  with Ivanhoe, Rowena  
  Scene 3. At Templestowe 16:13      
41 Templars: 'Fremuere principes' - 3:06
42 Grand Master: 'Thou Jewish girl, who art condemned to 4:03
  die…' -  
  with Rebecca  
43 Brian: 'It shall not be' - 2:33
  with Grand Master, Rebecca  
44 Voices: 'A champion! A champion! A champion!' - 1:51
  with Ivanhoe, Chorus, Rebecca, Brian  
45 Chorus: 'A judgment! A judgment!' - 2:30
  with King, Grand Master, Templars  
46 King: 'See where the banner of England floats afar…' 2:09
  with Templars, Rebecca, Rowena, Ivanhoe, Cedric, All  
 Neal Davies baritone - Richard Cœur-de-Lion
 Stephen Gadd baritone - Prince John
 James Rutherford bass-baritone - Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert
 Peter Wedd tenor - Maurice de Bracy
 Peter Rose bass - Cedric the Saxon
 Toby Spence tenor - Wilfred, Knight of Ivanhoe
 Matthew Brook bass-baritone - Friar Tuck
 Leigh Melrose baritone - Isaac, the Jew of York
 Andrew Staples tenor - Locksley/The Squire
 Janice Watson soprano - The Lady Rowena
 Catherine Wyn-Rogers mezzo-soprano - Ulrica
 Geraldine McGreevy soprano - Rebecca
  Knights and Ladies, Attendants, Saxons, Youths etc.  
 David Lloyd-Jones
  24-28 June 2009  
  To the late Richard Hickox who took the enthusiastic initiative to record Sir Arthur Sullivan's Ivanhoe and in whose memory this project has now been brought to completion by his friends.