The Beauty Stone (1897-98) 129:49  
  An Original Romantic Musical Drama in Three Acts  
  Libretto by Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934) and Joseph Comyns Carr (1849-1916)  
1 Introduction. Allegro alla - Marcia 2:59
  Act I 54:15      
  Scene 1. The Weaver's Home  
2 1 Duet. Simon: 'Click, clack, click, clack' 3:13
  with Joan  
3 2 Chorus with Solos. Chorus: 'Hobble, hobble, now we've caught her' 1:41
  with Joan and Simon  
4 2A Semi-Chorus: 'Maidens and men of Mirlemont town' 1:41
5 3 Prayer. Laine: 'Dear Mary Mother, unto thee I bring' 3:36
6 4 Quartet. Simon: 'Who stands within?' 5:08
  with Joan, Devil, and Laine  
7 5 Recitative and Song. Devil: 'Since it dwelt in that rock 4:34
  whose hallowed crest' -  
  'I gave it away to a love-lorn maid' -  
8 5A Appearance of Laine. 0:15
9 5B After Devil's Song. Change of Scene. Moderato 1:17
  Scene 2. The Market-place  
10 6 Full Chorus. Maidens: 'The bells are ringing o'er Mirlemont town' - 2:34
11 Competitor's Friends: 'Maidens and men of Mirlemont town' 2:13
12 7 Duet. Jacqueline: 'May name is crazy Jacqueline' - 4:09
  with Devil  
13 7A Entrance of the Burgomaster and Crowd. Chorus: 'The bells 2:49
  are ringing o'er Mirlemont town'  
14 8 Scene. The Beauty Contest. Nicholas: 'Know ye all, 1:56
  both great and small' -  
  with Philip  
15 Loyse: 'I am Loyse from St Denis' - 3:13
  with Chorus, Saida, Philip, and Nicholas  
16 Isabeau: 'In the hills beyond Florenens' - 2:13
  with Chorus, Saida, Devil, Philip, and Nicholas  
17 Barbe: 'I am Barbe of Bovigny' 2:16
  with Chorus  
18 9 Finale of Act I. Chorus: 'Go, bring forth old 1:04
  Simon's daughter!' -  
19 Philip: 'By Our Lady, she is fair!' - 1:15
  with Chorus, Nicholas, and Saida  
20 Saida: 'Oh, turn thine eyes away' - 2:02
  with Philip and Chorus  
21 Saida: 'In vain ye plead, some magic spell 2:30
  enthralls him!' -  
  with Guntran, Devil, Chorus, Joan, Simon, and Philip  
22 Laine: 'I can but tell I knelt and prayed' 4:06
  with Philip, Chorus, then All  
  Act II 51:21      
  Scene 1. A Hall in the Castle  
23 10 Chorus of Knights and Dames. All: 'With cards and 2:22
  dice, and with wine and laughter'  
24 10A Melos. Andante 1:11
25 11 Scene. Chorus of Knights and Dames: 'Though she 2:07
  should dance' -  
26 Song. Saida: 'Safe in her island home, whose 5:44
  sloping glades' -  
  with Knights, Eastern Maidens, and Dames  
27 Knights: 'Nay, see ye not this maid is fair?' 2:18
  with Dames and Philip  
28 12 Duet. Philip: 'I love thee! I love thee!' 3:39
  with Laine  
29 13 Scene. Song. Guntran: 'I'll tell them what thou was 2:31
  when first I knew thee' -  
30 Philip: 'How say you? Shame! My sword! my sword!' - 1:16
  with Laine, Devil, and Saida  
31 Laine: 'Nay, wert thou more than all he said thou art' - 2:00
  with Philip  
32 Saida: 'She's gone! Love's hour has come at last!' - 2:07
  with Devil and Philip  
33 Guntran: 'Lords of Sirault, Velaines, and St Sauveur' 4:10
  with Three Lords, Philip, then All  
34 13A Change of Scene. Andante tranquillo 1:43
  Scene 2. The Weaver's Home  
35 14 Trio. Joan: 'Look yon - 'tis she! our little Laine!' 3:55
  with Laine and Simon  
36 15 Duet. Simon: 'I would see a maid who dwells in Zolden' 3:52
  with Joan  
37 16 Quintet. Devil: 'Haste thee! Haste thee!' 2:06
  with Laine, Joan, Saida, and Simon  
  Scene 3. Between the Castle and the North Gate  
38 17 Duet (with Dance). Jacqueline: 'Up and down' 4:25
  with Devil  
39 18 Finale of Act II. Guntran: 'There he stands, that lord ye knew' - 3:20
  with Chorus and Philip  
40 Laine: 'My lord!' 2:11
  with Philip, Joan, and Chorus  
  Act III 19:35      
  Scene 1. The Terrace of the Castle  
41 19 Introduction. Moderato con moto - 4:20
  Song. Laine: 'An hour agone 'twas the moon that shone'  
42 20 Song. Jacqueline: 'Why does thou sigh and moan?' 2:03
43 21 Recitative and Song. Saida: 'Mine, mine at last! Poor 3:23
  vanquished slave, begone!' -  
  'What laggard steed doth carry'  
44 22 Scene. Saida: 'So all is lost for ever! And 'twas thou' 2:31
  with Devil  
45 22A Change of Scene. Allegro vivace e agitato 0:35
  Scene 2. The Market-place  
46 23 Chorus and Dance. Chorus: 'O'er Mirlemont city the banners 2:02
  are flying' -  
47 23A Exit of Guntran and Crowd. Allegro moderato 0:49
48 24 Finale of Act III. Chorus: 'Hail to the lord of our land!' 4:50
  with Guntran, Joan, Laine, Simon, Jacqueline, Philip, Devil, then All  
 Toby Spence tenor - Philip
 David Stout bass - Guntran
 Stephen Gadd baritone - Simon
 Richard Suart baritone - Nicholas
 Alan Opie baritone - The Devil
 Elin Manahan Thomas soprano - Laine
 Catherine Wyn-Rogers mezzo-soprano - Joan
 Madeleine Shaw mezzo-soprano - Jacqueline
 Rebecca Evans soprano - Saida
 Olivia Gomez soprano - Loyse
 Sarah Maxted mezzo-soprano - Isabeau
 Llio Evans soprano - Barbe
  Peppin, a dwarf  
  Baldwyn of Ath  
  The Lords of Serault, Velaines, and St Sauveur  
  A Seneschal  
  A Lad of tthe Town  
  A Shrewish Girl  
  A Matron  
  Knights, Dames, Pages, Aldermen, Soldiers, Townsfolk, Country-folk, Dancers, Lute-players, Serving-men, and the rest  
  The story is laid in the Flemish town of Mirlemont in the beginning of the fifteenth century  
 Rory Macdonald
  29 January-3 February 2013