Opera - Il Trovatore (The Troubadour)

 GIUSEPPE VERDI (1813-1901)
 Il Trovatore 134:56  
  Opera in four acts  
  Text by Salvatore Cammarano, from the drama El trovador by Antonio Garcia Gutiérrez  
  English Translation by Tom Hammond  
  Part I  
  Scene 1  
1 'Wake up, there, wake up, there!' 3:06
  Ferrando, Servants and Soldiers  
2 'Heav'n had giv'n my old master' 7:45
  Ferrando, Servants and Soldiers  
  Scene 2  
3 'Come, wait no longer' 2:13
  Inez and Leonora  
4 'The stars shone in the heav'ns above' 4:58
  Leonora and Inez  
5 'No words can tell the measure' 1:42
  Leonora and Inez  
6 'How still the night is' 2:08
  Count di Luna  
7 'The Troubadour! The madman!' - 2:23
  'Though naught on earth is left me'  
  Count di Luna, Manrico and Leonora  
8 'Who's speaking?' 1:37
  Leonora, Count di Luna and Manrico  
9 'Jealous fury and slighted passion' 2:34
  Count di Luna, Leonora and Manrico  
  Part II  
  Scene 1  
10 'See how the shadowy clouds are flying' ('Anvil Chorus') 2:42
11 'Fierce flames are raging' 5:57
  Azucena, Gipsies and Manrico  
12 'They brought her, fettered and pow'rless' 7:59
  Azucena and Manrico  
13 'As we struggled he stumbled before me' 4:37
  Manrico, Azucena and a Messenger  
14 'You are still too weak to venture' 2:19
  Azucena and Manrico  
  Scene 2  
15 'All is deserted' 1:54
  Count di Luna and Ferrando  
16 'In the stars that shine above me' 4:19
  Count di Luna and Ferrando  
17 'The hour has come, no more delay' 3:03
  Ferrando, Retainers and Count di Luna  
18 'Here in this world of sorrow' 5:07
  Nuns, Count di Luna, Ferrando, Retainers, Leonora and Inez  
19 'Oh, can it be, can I believe' 4:46
  Leonora, Count di Luna, Manrico, Inez, Ferrando, Nuns, Retainers, Ruiz and Followers  
  Part III  
  Scene 1  
20 'Though today we take our leisure' ('Soldiers' Chorus') 4:34
  Soldiers and Ferrando  
21 'She's in my rival's arms!' 2:29
  Count di Luna, Ferrando, Guards and Azucena  
22 'Though my life was poor and lowly' 3:12
  Azucena, Ferrando, Count di Luna and Guards  
23 'Ah! Release me from these cruel bonds' 2:09
  Azucena, Count di Luna, Ferrando and Guards  
  Scene 2  
24 'But what mean all these sounds of war around us?' 2:14
  Leonora and Manrico  
25 'When holy church has blessed our love' 5:06
  Manrico, Leonora and Ruiz  
26 'That fierce inferno, her cruel sentence' 3:17
  Manrico, Leonora, Ruiz and Soldiers  
  Part IV  
  Scene 1  
27 'We're there now' 3:00
  Ruiz and Leonora  
28 'Breeze of night, go seek him' 4:06
29 'Lord, have mercy upon a soul departing' ('Miserere') 5:13
  Chorus, Leonora and Manrico  
30 'You will see that my devotion' 2:10
31 'Now hear me!' 1:54
  Count di Luna and Leonora  
32 'See all these bitter tears of mine' 3:25
  Leonora and Count di Luna  
33 'The man shall live' - 2:22
  'He lives! I cannot speak for joy'  
  Count di Luna and Leonora  
  Scene 2  
34 'Mother, not sleeping?' 5:26
  Manrico and Azucena  
35 'Yes, let me sleep for my limbss are weary . . .' 4:46
  Azucena, Manrico and Leonora  
36 'You will not say?' 3:01
  Manrico, Leonora and Azucena  
37 'Now leave me!' 4:58
  Manrico, Leonora, Count di Luna and Azucena  
 Alan Opie baritone - Count di Luna
 Clive Bayley bass - Ferrando
 Sharon Sweet soprano - Doña Leonora
 Helen Williams soprano - Inez
 Anne Mason mezzo-soprano - Azucena
 Dennis O'Neill tenor - Manrico (The Troubadour)
 Mark Le Brocq tenor - Ruiz
 David Parry
  16-20 December 1999