SMITH, L.C.: Among the Tarnished Stars / Through the Low Hills / Knotted Silk / With Their Shadows Long / Memory Forms / Moi qui tremblais

1  Among the Tarnished Stars 22:40
 The Burdocks Ensemble
2  Through the Low Hills 9:47
 Andrew Smith Soloist
 Stephen Clarke Soloist
3  Knotted Silk 6:13
  Arraymusic Ensemble
 Henry Kucharzyk Conductor
4  With Their Shadows Long 12:43
 Marc Sabat Soloist
 Stephen Clarke Soloist
5  Memory Forms 19:32
 Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi Chamber Orchestra Orchestra
 Owen Underhill Conductor
6  Moi qui tremblais 5:11
 Mark Fewer Soloist
 Henry Kucharzyk Soloist