FREEDMAN, H.: Tableau / Tangents / Touchings / Town (Canadian Composers Portraits) (Freedman)

 Freedman documentary  
1 In the summer of 1955… 7:21
2 And then one day I heard a program called Let's Dance. 4:39
3 There's only one thing that you can learn. 5:41
4 If you listen to the First Symphony, the echo of Bela Bartok is there. 5:14
5 He needs his own space, and he needs to have absolute quite. 5:19
6 Most of the ballets I did were with Brian Macdonald. 8:05
7 Up to that point there wasn't very much chance of earning your living… 10:31
8 There's a certain sparseness, or angularity that I would recognize. 3:21
9 You know, it's a very strong habit that he ha. 5:40
 Harry Freedman Soloist
 Eitan Cornfield Soloist
1  Tableau 8:56
 Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi Chamber Orchestra Orchestra
 Mario Bernardi Conductor
2  Tangents, "Symphonic Variations" 16:13
 Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi Chamber Orchestra Orchestra
 Kazuyoshi Akiyama Conductor
3  Touchings 22:29
  NEXUS Ensemble
 Alex Pauk Conductor
4  Town, "A Musical Impression of Harold Town, the Man and his Art" 13:52
 Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi Chamber Orchestra Orchestra
 Alex Pauk Conductor