MORAWETZ, O.: Harp Concerto / Tribute to Mozart / Suite for Piano / The Railway Station (Canadian Composers Portraits) (Lubbock, Mayer)

 Morawetz documentary produced and presented by Eitan Cornfield  
1 Morawetz documentary produced and presented by Eitan Cornfield 4:32
2 I never forget when I'm about six years old 5:35
3 Oskar says he had two kinds of worries 7:03
4 Oskar's parents sailed from Cherbourg on the last ship 3:14
5 I am composer and I never had any instruction in composition 5:50
6 He was, the Germans would say, Einselganger 7:20
7 This Passage which Anne Frank wrote 5:03
8 I wrote this composition, Memorial to Martin Luther King 6:21
9 I've known Oskar for fifty years 5:21
10 I wanted to study composition with Oskar 3:20
11 Oskar Morawetz was Canada's most successful composer 4:44
 Eitan Cornfield Soloist
 Claudia Morawetz Soloist
 Harp Concerto  
1 I. Allegro moderato 9:25
2 II. Largo espressivo 9:46
3 III. Allegro moderato 7:33
 Gianetta Baril Soloist
 Uri Mayer Conductor
4  Tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 17:43
 Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet Ensemble
 Suite for Piano  
5 I. Prelude 2:45
6 II. Nocturne 4:01
7 III. Dance: Allegro 2:58
 Angela Hewitt Soloist
8  The Railway Station 11:30
 Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi Chamber Orchestra Orchestra
 John Lubbock Conductor