TREMBLAY, G.: Phases et reseaux / Jeux de solstices / Oralleluiants / L'espace du coeur / Croissant (Canadian Composers Portraits) (Tremblay)

 Tremblay documentary produced and presented by Eitan Cornfield  
1 To compose is to put things together… 6:39
2 The reason I am attracted to all these phenomena… 10:39
3 My father, I owe very much to him… 6:14
4 When I first heard Varese, I was just fascinated… 6:10
5 Messiaen was not a composer who wanted to express himself… 4:31
6 I had met my wife before I went to Paris… 7:03
7 Sometimes in the spiritual evolution… 6:38
8 Les pierres crieront… it's a quotation from Luke… 4:19
9 For me it is an adventure… 3:16
 Gilles Tremblay Soloist
 Eitan Cornfield Soloist
 Phases et reseaux  
1 Phases 2:07
2 Reseaux 5:54
 Gilles Tremblay Soloist
3  Jeux de solstices 19:25
 Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi Chamber Orchestra Orchestra
 Gilles Tremblay Conductor
4  Oralleluiants 24:45
 Pauline Vaillancourt Soloist
 Serge Garant Conductor
5  L'espace du coeur 8:30
 Canada Pro Coro Choir
 Agnes Grossmann Conductor
6  Croissant 17:53
 Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet Ensemble