LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: Symphony No. 3 / Paganini Variations (Polish National Radio Symphony, Wit)

1  Variations on a Theme by Paganini 9:50
 Bernd Glemser piano
 Paroles tissees  
2 Un chat qui s'emerveille (A cat that is in wonder) - 3:13
 Piotr Kusiewicz tenor
3 Quand le jour a rouvert les branches du jardin (When day has opened again the garden branches) - 3:13
 Piotr Kusiewicz tenor
4 Mille chevaux hors d'haleine (A thousand horses out of breath) - 4:08
 Piotr Kusiewicz tenor
5 Dormez cette paleur nous est venue de loin (Sleep this pallor comes to us from afar) 5:16
 Piotr Kusiewicz tenor
6  Les Espaces du Sommeil 15:27
 Adam Kruszewski baritone
7  Symphony No. 3 31:34
 Antoni Wit