DAUGHERTY, M.: Mount Rushmore / Radio City / The Gospel According to Sister Aimee (P. Jacobs, Pacific Chorale, Pacific Symphony, St. Clair)

 Mount Rushmore  
1 I. George Washington 4:04
2 II. Thomas Jefferson 6:17
3 III. Theodore Roosevelt 7:51
4 IV. Abraham Lincoln 13:36
 Paul Jacobs Soloist
 Radio City: Symphonic Fantasy on Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra  
5 I. O Brave New World 7:28
6 II. Ode to the Old World 12:18
7 III. On the Air 5:50
 Carl St. Clair Conductor
 The Gospel According to Sister Aimee  
8 I. Knock Out the Devil 7:30
9 II. An Evangelist Drowns - Desert Dance 4:57
10 III. To the Promised Land 8:02
 Paul Jacobs Soloist
 Carl St. Clair Conductor