LOESSER, F.: Most Happy Fella (The) (Complete Original Cast Recording) (Greene) (1956)

 The Most Happy Fella  
1 Act I Scene 1, Prelude - A Restaurant in San Francisco (January 1927): Ooh, my feet (Cleo, Rosabella) 14:13
2 Act I Scene 2, Main Street, Napa, California (In April): The most happy fella (Tony, All the Neighbors, Herman, Clem, Jake, All, Marie, Joe) 18:32
3 Act I Scene 3, Tony's Barn (A Few Weeks Later): Abbondanza … (Guiseppe, Pasquale, Ciccio, Tony) - Scene 4: Tony's Front Yard (Immediately Following): Spozalizio (All the Neighbors, The Postman …) 26:09
1 Act II Scene 1, Prelude - The Vineyards in May - Fresno Beauties (The Workers, Rosabella, Joe, The Doctor, Tony, Cleo, Marie, Herman, All the Neighbors) 19:30
2 Act II Scene 2, Later in May: How beautiful the days (Tony, Rosabella, Marie, Joe) 3:09
3 Act II Scene 3, The Vineyards in June: Young people (Marie, Tony, All the Young Neighbors, Rosabella) 7:41
4 Act II Scene 4, The Barn: I like everybody (Herman, Cleo) 1:57
5 Act II Scene 5, The Vineyards in July: I know how it is (Cleo, Rosabella, All the Neighbors, Mama, Tony) 14:17
6 Act III Scene 1, Prelude - The Barn (An Hour Later): Abbondanza (Pasquale, Guiseppe, Ciccio, Cleo, Herman, The Doctor, All the Neighbors, Rosabella) 12:32
7 Act II Scene 2, Napa Station (A Little Later): Tony's thoughts (Tony, Marie, Cleo, Herman, Rosabella, The Whole Napa Valley) 15:06
 Susan Johnson Soloist
 Herbert Greene Conductor