BERGMAN, E.: Singing Tree (The) [Opera] (Lindroos, Hellekant, Dominante Choir, Tapiola Chamber Choir, Finnish National Opera Orchestra, Söderblom)

 Det sjungande tradet (The Singing Tree), Op. 110  
1 I. Prologue: The Tree of Life stands at the center, its roots encircling the prince Hatt's lair, its crown reflecting all the wonder of life (Prince Hatt, Witch) 10:51
2 Act I Scene 1: The Royal Court: The King of Light is leaving for the town and asks his three daughters what gifts they would like to receive on his return (King, Fool, Princess, Princess 1, Princess 2 06:45
3 Act I Scene 2: Fool sings of chivalrous love to his marionette puppet (Fool) 01:31
4 Act I Scene 3: Prince Hatt pleads with his mother to set him free (Prince Hatt, Witch) 06:22
5 Act I Scene 4: The Fool explains to his puppet all the finer points of love's mysteries (Fool) 02:16
6 Act I Scene 5: The King and his escort encounter the Singing Tree (King, Servant) 03:40
7 Act I Scene 6: The Fool comments on the action so far (Fool) 02:11
8 Act I Scene 7: The Royal Court: On the King's arrival at the castle, the young princess runs to meet him (King, Princess, Princess 1, Princess 2) 03:44
9 Act I Scene 8: Prince Hatt's underground lair (Prince Hatt, Princess, Witch) 05:05
10 Act I Scene 9: The fool relates the events so far to his puppet (Fool) 03:37
11 Act I Scene 10: The Royal Court: The sisters demand to see the young Princess' betrothed (Princess, Princess 1, Princess 2, Witch, Fool) 04:00
12 Act I Scene 11: Prince Hatt's lair: The Princess gains the permission of the Prince to go to meet her father (Prince Hatt, Princess, Princess 1, Princess 2, Witch) 03:01
13 Act I Scene 12: The Fool comments on the action to his puppet and predicts the turn of events to come (Fool) 02:28
14 Act I Scene 13: The Royal Court: The King and the sisters convince the young Princess that she must meet her betrothed face to face at all cost (King, Princess, Princess 1, Princess 2, Fool) 05:34
15 Act I Scene 14: Prince Hatt's lair: The Princess shines a light on the Prince's face while he is asleep (Princess, Prince Hatt, Witch) 05:35
1 Interlude: The Fool comments on the action (Fool) 03:31
2 Act II Scene 1: The Princess' lament (Princess) 03:53
3 Act II Scene 2: The King comes across his daughter but does not recognise her at first (The King, Princess) 03:38
4 Act II Scene 3: The Witch's lair: The Witch curses the name of the Princess to Prince Hatt, blaming her for betraying her lonely, confused and despairing son (Witch, Prince Hatt) 04:46
5 Act II Scene 4: The Market: The Princess and the Fool have come to the market (Fruit Seller, Fool, Folks, Merry-makers, Princess) 15:49
6 Act II Scene 5: The Witch and the Princess battle for the heart of Prince Hatt (Witch, Princess) 05:37
7 Act II Scene 6: The Princess, clothed in tatters, meets Prince Hatt, who recognises her voice (Prince Hatt, Princess) 05:21
8 Act II Scene 7: The Fool comments on the action to his puppet, and relates events yet to come (Fool) 01:53
9 Act II Scene 8: The Witch invites the court to the wedding to witness her power - The Witch's destruction (Witch, King, Prince Hatt, Princess) 07:42
10 Act II: Epilogue: Autumn wind whistles in the tree. Prince Hatt and the Princess, now in old-age, reflect on all that has happened (Prince Hatt, Princess) 09:32
 Ulf Soderblom Conductor
  Petteri Salomaa Soloist
  Ulf Soderblom Conductor