GETTY, G.: Usher House [Opera] (Foster)

 Usher House  
1 Act I: Prologue: During the whole of a dull, dark and soundless day (Poe) 1:23
2 Act I Scene 1: Can it be five years my friend? (Roderick, Poe) 21:11
3 Act I Scene 1: Where is my lady, o where is she gone? (Poe) 2:55
4 Act I Scene 1: She was my model in writing (Poe, Roderick, Primus, Attendant) 4:08
5 Act I Scene 2: Lady Heliane Usher (Attendant, Roderick, Poe) 7:12
6 Act I Scene 3: And now it is time to bid our silent farewells (Roderick, Primus, Poe) 5:02
7 Act I Scene 4: We are particularly honored to receive our guest (Primus, Poe) 8:48
8 Act I Scene 5: Roderick, I must speak (Poe, Roderick, Madeline) 16:16
 Christian Elsner Soloist
 Lawrence Foster Conductor