GLASS, P.: Another Look at Harmony, Part 4 (Choir of the 21st Century, Bowers-Broadbent, H. Williams)

 Another Look at Harmony, Part 4  
1 Opening Section: Choral plainchant in minims 04:47
2 Choral plainchant elaborated with quaver movement 07:22
3 Harmonic and rhythmic exploration, leading to - 11:14
4 Oscillating and repeated chords; then new melodic line added 03:39
5 Organ interlude on C pedal with gentle cross-rhythyms 03:41
6 Choral re-entry in repeated sequences with organ obligato 15:48
7 Final Section: Choir and organ with shifting harmonic roots 13:53
 Choir of the 21st. Century Choir
  Christopher Bowers-Broadbent Soloist
  Howard Williams Conductor