AUSTIN, F.: Beggar's Opera (The) (after J.C. Pepusch version) / Polly (after J.C. Pepusch version) [Operas] (Goossens)

 The Beggar's Opera (after J.C. Pepusch version)  
1 Act I: Virgins are like the fair flower (Polly) 1:42
2 Act I: Can love be controlled by advice? (Polly) 1:48
3 Act I: O Polly, you might have toy'd and kiss'd (Mrs. Peachum, Polly) 1:37
4 Act I: A fox may steal your hens (Mrs. Peachum) 0:37
5 Act I: O ponder well (Polly) 1:43
6 Act I: The turtle thus with plaintive crying (Polly) 1:36
7 Act I: My heart was so free (Macheath) 0:48
8 Act I: Were I laid on Greenland's coast (Polly, Macheath) 1:20
9 Act I: Oh! What pain it is to part (Polly, Macheath) 2:35
10 Act II: Fill every glass (Filch, Chorus) 1:00
11 Act II: Let us take the road (Filch, Chorus) 1:14
12 Act II: If the heart of a man (Macheath) 1:21
13 Act II: Music to a Dialogue 0:37
14 Act II: Why, how now Madame Flirt? (Molly Brazen, Mrs. Vixen) 0:45
15 Act II: Before the barn door crowing (Jenny Diver, Ladies Chorus) 0:58
16 Act II: Man may escape from rope and gun (Macheath) 2:10
17 Act II: Thus when a good housewife sees a rat (Lucy) 0:32
18 Act II: The first time at the looking glass (Macheath) 0:40
19 Act II: Thus gamesters united in friendship are found (Peachum, Lockit) 1:03
20 Act II: Thus when the swallow (Polly) 1:24
21 Act II: How happy I could be with either (Macheath) 0:57
22 Act II: I'm bubbled, I'm troubled (Polly, Lucy) 0:37
23 Act II: Cease your funning (Polly) 1:21
24 Act III: Here in a humour I was of late (Tenor, Chorus) 1:28
25 Act III: The modes of the Court so common are grown (Macheath, Filch, Chorus) 1:42
26 Act III: In the days of my youth (Diana Trapes, Peachum, Lockit) 1:03
27 Act III: Interlude 1:12
28 Act III: I'm like a skiff on the ocean tost (Lucy) 1:10
29 Act III: O cruel, cruel case (Macheath) 2:14
30 Act III: Would I might be hanged (Polly, Lucy, Macheath) 2:39
 Kathlyn Hilliard Soloist
 EugeneAustin, Frederick Goossens Conductor
 Polly (after J.C. Pepusch version)  
31 Act I: She who hath felt a real pain (Polly) 1:07
32 Act I: The Crow or Daw (Polly) 2:13
33 Act I: I will have my humours (Mr. Ducat, Polly) 0:48
34 Act I: When a woman jealous grows (Mr. and Mrs. Ducat) 0:51
35 Act I: Utterly alone and forsaken (Polly) 1:18
36 Act I: Unless you take her (Mrs. Ducat, Mrs. Trapes) 0:51
37 Act I: A woman when battle presses (Mr. Ducat, Women of the Town) 1:18
38 Act II: A Pirate must either sink (Tenor, Chorus) 1:16
39 Act II: How greatly is a rascal (Morano) 1:43
40 Act II: Though woman be a pretty craft (Vanderbluff) 1:03
41 Act II: By women won (Morano) 1:17
42 Act II: How many men have found (Jenny) 1:26
43 Act II: Shall I not be bold (Jenny, Morano) 2:27
44 Act II: The world is always jarring (Polly, Jenny, Morano) 1:05
45 Act II: By bolder steps (Morano, Pirates) 1:22
46 Act II: Brave Boys, prepare! (The Pirates) 1:20
47 Act II: Virtue's treasure (Polly) 2:01
48 Act II: Laugh, boys, laugh (Morano, Pirates) 1:24
49 Act III: Sleep, O sleep (Polly) 2:05
50 Act III: Wait until you spy the charmer (Mrs. Trapes, Morano) 1:28
51 Act III: Tho' different passions (Morano) 1:13
52 Act III: As sits the sad turtle (Polly) 2:25
53 Act III: When horns with cheerful (Ducat, 2 Footmen) 1:01
54 Act III: Love that hath sorrowed (Polly, Morano, Chorus) 1:14
 Adrienne Brune Soloist
 FrederickGoossens, Eugene Austin Conductor