Arise, My Muse  
1  Arise, my muse from Ode for Queen Mary's Birthday Z320 2:03
2  Strike the viol from Come ye sons of Art, away Z323 4:13
3  Here the Deities approve from Welcome to all the Pleasures Z339 4:09
4  The pale and the purple rose from Yorkshire Feast Song Z333 3:20
5  Sonata XXI 4:02
6  'Tis Nature's Voice from Hail! bright Cecilia Z328 3:47
7  Crown the altar from Celebrate this festival Z321 2:42
8  If music be the food of love Z379b 1st setting/1st version 1:51
9  Fantasia: Three parts on a ground Z731 5:08
10  The Glory of the Arcadian Groves 2:06
  from Come, come along for a dance and a song  
11  Poor Celadon, he sighs in vain from Amphion Anglicus 4:06
 Ye tuneful Numbers: A song with symphonies  
12 Symphony 2:45
13 Air: Ye tuneful Numbers 2:15
14 Air: Tell her I'm wounded 3:00
15 Recitative: But oh why shou'd I blame this cruel fair 0:15
16 Air: When Thousands more, the same must share 1:45
 Suite from Venus and Adonis  
17 Overture 2:27
18 Cupid's Entry 0:50
19 Entry: A Dance by a Huntsman 1:07
20 A Dance of Cupids 1:35
21 Act Tune (Act 1) 1:40
22 Act Tune (Act 2) 1:48
23 A Ground 2:27
24  O solitude, my sweetest choice! Z406 5:57
25 Spoken introduction (Iestyn Davies) 0:11
26 Fairest isle from King Arthur Z628 5:07
 Iestyn Davies
 Richard Egarr
  Pamela Thorby (recorder), Tabea Debus (recorder), Bojan Cicic (violin), Stephen Pedder (violin)  
  Julia Kuhn (viola, violin), Mark Levy (viola da gamba) & William Carter (theorbo, baroque guitar)